Everybody loves to play. Go and observe a random child today. We thrive when we PLAY. It’s integral to our happiness and survival. Not sure who wrote the rule book on Adulthood as more work than there is play — Throw out the Rule book. 

Find A Way to Play. I smile and laugh inside when people characterize me as a workaholic. 

Here’s the secret. Work doesn’t feel like Work when you find a way to make Work your play. Outside of Basketball 3-5 Days per week, and Xbox on the weekends, I play all day every day.

When I affirm my vision, journal and visualize my future in the AM. When I challenge myself to beat my productivity and outputs from the previous day. When I’m on a deadline to put together a client campaign. Building our business has been one continuous game, overcoming defeats and fighting to advance to new levels.

How can you gamify your life? How can you fall in love with what you do? Perspective is Power. Make “Work” Your Play.