We've hired quite a few people over the years and one practice we've adopted is that we never ever make a decision based on a resume. 

People get so caught up in a GPA or a degree But I think every great leader knows that your best hires aren't always the ones that look the best on paper. 

Your best hires possess the intangibles. The things that don't show up so clearly in a resume. So...What should you Look for in your next hire? 


We are first and foremost a principle-based organization. Honesty, doing what's right. Morals and Values are one of our priorities in every hire. We want to work with principled individuals who are driven by values and ethics.


I think empathy is the highest on my list of characteristics I look for in a hire. Do you have the ability to empathize with or relate to other people? Can you put yourself in a person's shoes and make decisions based on how they are feeling? You can't read empathy on a resume. You experience it through human interactions.

Hard Work

When you hire people that are hardworking, it's pretty easy to develop their skills.


Building a long-term business requires consistency. You need a solid team that's not going to flake on you or go to work with your competitors. Hire and promote people that demonstrate loyalty, even when given the opportunity to do otherwise.