Just about every business today is built on relationships.  A great resume can't outshine a great personality. 

Character is going to sustain your business in the long run. HIRE CHARACTER. TRAIN SKILL We all have choices. I know. That’s a direct way to put it. But those are the hard facts.

Every day we are faced with an opportunity. We can live our lives to the fullest, we can seek out challenges that push us out of our comfort zone, we can create an environment where we are forced to expand our skills and abilities, or...we can settle.

We can get comfortable in routines. In patterns of complacency and the mundane. And then live with the regret.

We are in a new decade. Which is exciting and scary and strange all at the same time. 10 years ago I was a 20-year-old university student sure of only two things:

1. I wanted to live an exceptional life on my own terms 2. There were different paths to get me there and I didn’t know which one to take.

Fast forward 10 years later, I can say that the essence of my life aligns with the vision I had 10 years ago. I am building something that is having a positive impact on people, I am privileged to be working with people I Love and Trust. On a personal level, I am in a healthy supportive relationship with a partner that truly loves me. I can track my evolution to becoming the woman I am today.

Those are the broad strokes, and I still have a very long way to go to realize all of my dreams. The blessing is that today I can look at that journey as an enjoyable part of the process. Not grunt work to shirk.

Yes. 10 years later I still see great value in dreaming, only now I have a greater appreciation for the experiences on the journey.

So how do you choose your life? How do you avoid settling? Most of the people I talk to, young or old ask this very same question. But they do so in different ways. My answer is simple... 1. Accountability Own your shit. Your wins. your losses and the role you played in putting yourself there. Own your responsibility for designing your life. Own your shit!

2. Embrace Gratitude. All happiness starts from a place of gratitude. Embrace the lessons, the blessings, the process. Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come. Develop the daily habit of expressing gratitude. This could be in the form of affirmations, or prayers…especially in your interactions and engagements with people. Choosing to live starts with a spirit of gratitude. This empowers you to appreciate where you are in every moment

3. Be of Service. Everything good that you want to experience in life is on the other side of service. Consistently seek out ways to be of service to the people you interact with on a daily basis. Develop a reputation as a connector, someone that provides extraordinary value in every situation you encounter. When you bring more to the table than you take from it you are in a power position to set the terms of your life.

Stop Looking for ShortCuts. Put in the Work. Case closed. None of it will be handed to you. When you choose to live you choose the process of hard work necessary to achieve anything worthwhile. Stop looking for shortcuts. Commit to putting in the work, to never be outworked. Choose to Live.