June 2021

Stronger Together

  • Client
  • St. Vincent Volcano Relief

the challenge

The 2021 Eruption of La Soufrière in Saint Vincent left the island in disrepair. 100’s of millions of dollars in damage to the community and people of SVG.

The Global Coalition for SVG approached our team to create a Campaign for the Stronger Together Movement. 

our solution

We worked with the Global Coalition for SVG to develop a comprehensive communications strategy, brand identity tools, and content program (inclusive of actual content) for the Stronger Together Campaign.

Our goal was to inspire hope in the people of St. Vincent while creating a sense of responsibility (and urgency) in the wider diaspora, to support the Island and people of St. Vincent.

key deliverables

Communications Strategy Development

Digital Content Campaign Development

Brand Web Development

Brand Identity Design

Video Production

major outcomes

$4.9 Million XCD In Cash & Kind Contributions

Engaged over 250,000 Persons in the Caribbean and across the diaspora